11 August Flag-off Ceremony for SLOS INITIATIVE.
On this day we took the 1st bold step. It can take us 100 years from date to get there, it does not matter. What is important is that, we will get to our Destination by doing OUR BIT supported by the special grace of God.



Awareness campaign at Obio/Akpor Council- 24th, October, 2018

Stop Littering Our Streets (SLOS) Initiative commenced Sensitization / Awareness Campaign within Obio/Akpor Council Secretariat on 24th October.

Raising Awareness-14th November.

Raising Awareness-14th November.
On this day we got engaged in distributing trash bags to food vendors within Obio/ Akpor Council Secretariat.
Stop littering use the bin.

Presentation of Litter Bins to Rivers Secretariat

In view of our continued efforts to live and sustain our core value we presented four litter bins to Rivers State Secretariat on 26th of November. Mr Jackson Irikana a staff of Head of Service took delivery of the items. In responding to this gesture, he expressed appreciation on behalf of the principal officers of Head of Service Rivers State Secretariat. He went further to pledged his commitment to contribute his own bit by ensuring that the bins are strategically positioned in order to serve the purpose for which they are intended.

Theme: Beat Air Pollution.

SLOS Initiative marked this special day by presenting trash bags to Rivers State Transport Company(RTC) and Agofure Transport Services at Waterlines Motor Park Port Harcourt.
Let your actions promote sustainable living.
Be a part of the solution, not part of the pollution.


In spite of the fact that September Sanitation was cancelled, we went cleaning our streets and gutters. It feels so good to be a volunteer. In fact Volunteering is Simply Satisfying!

Awareness Campaign - 31st October, 2018


Be careful how you dispose your trash.
Simply stop littering our streets with it.

Presentation of Litter Bins to Rivers State College of Health Science and Technology.

The last batch of litter bins for our Phase 1 Project concluded on 11th of December at the Rivers State College of Health Science and Technology. Dr Franklin Nlerum, the Provost of the College received the items with profound gratitude. Others principal officers of the College who also witnessed the Presentation event are the Registrar, Librarian, Bursar as well Dr William Iyama a lecturer. Basically, the Provost maintained that while the bins will be put to immediate use, he will relentlessly encourage the advancement of the Stop Littering campaign.In addition, we also presented 100 pieces of trash bags for effective clearing of the bins.
We will continue to do our bit to ensure a litter-free big house.

SLOS Initiative Catch-Them-Young Programme commences

On the 19th of June, we were at the Glorious Child Academy Schools Centre, Rumudamaya Obio/ Akpor , with one hundred and fifty-six (156) students in attendance. Mrs Caroline Onyekwere – the School’s Administrator received a token of fifty (50) pieces of trash bags on behalf of the School’s authority.
We all have the right to a clean Environment. The responsibility to maintain and sustain a clean Environment is on none other than YOU. So #Doyourbit #Stoplittering


We are a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO). We are championing the movement and campaign to STOP LITTERING OUR STREETS. In view of our commitment to live our core value and to contribute our bit in tackling the menace of Littering in our society, we have embarked on a Project, following which we presented Litter Bins to Obio/ Akpor Municipal Council on the 18th of October, 2018. Do your bit ! STOP LITTERING AND START GLITTERING.


Raising Awareness 7th November .
On this day our audience turned out to be only Youth Corpers.
The event climaxed in litter- picking of a portion of Obio- Akpor Council Secretariat. Stop Littering! Join hands with us to advance this campaign.

Raising awareness 12th December 2018

We closed out our activity for the year on this day at Agricultural Extension Division with 2018 batch of N -Power group at the Agricultural Development Programme(ADP), PHALGA/OBALGA Area. Mr Emmanuel Hart, the Director of Extension lauded the efforts and received in appreciation a pack of 50 pieces of trash bags for use within the ADP premises.
Join hands with us to advance this campaign Everyone has the right to a clean Environment. Stand-up for action
and Stop Littering


We simply did the little that counts.
We Litter- Picked the stretch of our Street .It was so fulfilling. Volunteering is indeed Satisfying

Presentation of litter bins to Port Harcourt City Council - 13th Nov 2018

The Mayor of Port Harcourt City – Honourable Victor Ihunwo was engaged in another event at the time, hence his representative Secretary of the Council – Dr Ezebunwo Nyeche who witnessed the event and received the items on behalf of the Council . In expressing his gratitude, he pledged the commitment of the Council to partner with Stop Littering Our Streets (SLOS) Initiative. .

November Sanitation

Regardless of the fact that the State Environmental Sanitation exercise was cancelled, we saw the need to go out to do our bit. Interestingly by so doing, we captured the attention of a few persons who trickled out to contribute their bit too. You know what? Everyone has the right to a clean environment. Do join force with us to dress and to keep the big house. Stand-up for action now and stop littering!