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No. 5 Wobo Street, Pure Water Junction. Rumunduru, Port Harcourt.



Mon – Sat: 9:00 – 18:00


We carefully observed a social order which has so deeply eaten into the society. What is this social
order? It is the act of littering. Sure it does not sound alarming, yet it is so amazing that the
attendant effects are posing serious concerns to everyone. Again the predominant attitude within
our locality is the usual blame-game and thereafter do-nothing. Following from our
recommendations vis-a`-vis the Problem Statement, we chose to act on one of the numerous
windows opened to addressing the identified problem. The recommendation amongst others
include: NGOs to drive the movement to STOP LITTERING OUR STREETS; more private sector
investors are encouraged to look in the way of waste management; Companies should incorporate
public waste management in their CSR model.

Essentially, we do not want to continue to be a part of the bandwagon while the problem remains.
We however, decided to break-free from the hold of do-nothing and to confront the problem heads-
on by championing the movement and campaign to Stop Littering Our Streets. By 24 th April, 2018, we
got duly certified by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigeria, to legally carry out this
campaign to the public domain, as a Not-for –profit, Voluntary and Non-Governmental Organisation

We are five- member Board of Trustees namely:
1. Waripanye Val Pepple
2.    Gillian Dienye Waripanye (Founder/Chairman)
3.     Ibelema I. Hart (Secretary)
4.    Chukwunenye Nkwadochi Kocha
5.     Nember, Terna Iyorpuu

Seven other members include:
1.  Ibiwangi Jackmay
2.  Engr (Dr) Asinyetogha Hilkiah Igoni
3.  Engr (Miss) Ibiye Sepiribo Kingnana Harry.
4.  Justina T. Hart
5. Idatuwo John-Hart
6. Telema Awo Stowe
7. Terna Waripanye

1.Adeleye Deborah Bukola
2. Juliet chukwuma
3. Ehimare Nicholas Eiwone
4. Vincent Nsurum
5. Sampson Nkesi Chinda

6. Eroh Nyegeh
7. Pleasant Ukwoma
One member of Staff: 1. Queen Nnendah Eni

In view of our locality precisely Port Harcourt in Rivers State of Nigeria ,we recognise that it might
take us a 100 years to get there, but we are glad that we have taken the first bold step and we
confident that we will get there eventually.
Join force with us to advance the campaign. Stop Littering and Start Glittering.


11 August Flag-off Ceremony for SLOS INITIATIVE. 
On this day we took the 1st bold step. It can take us 100 years from date to get there, it does not matter. What is important is that, we will get to our Destination by doing OUR BIT (THE LITTLE THAT COUNTS) supported by the special grace of God.

Stop littering! Are you a perpetrator of the act of littering?
Yes or No ?
If yes , please JUST STOP! If you stop the streets won’t be littered, it is true because the ground does not and cannot germinate waste.

Perhaps, your answer is NO ! Well done! Do join hands with us to advance this campaign of STOP LITTERING OUR STREETS!


It is our mandate as people in the Garden, to Dress and to keep it


By the use of Moral Suasion contribute our bit to a Litter-Free Big House (Environment)


  • – Do the little that counts
  • – Respect for lives
  • – Empathy
  • – Simplicity and Humility
  • – Sacrificial Service to Humanity
  • – Integrity and Accountability
  • – Tenacity  to selflessly stand-up to  take action as is necessary