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Environmental Sanitation



What exactly is it that, you can do without connecting the Environment (The Big House)? We in SLOS Initiative chose to call it – The Big House because it houses everything that we do.
Just name it !
Going to work?
Dropping off your children in school?
Going to the market to replenish your food stock?
Window Shopping?
Is it seeing your Doctor?
Could it be seeing a friend or a family member?
Doing some Bank transactions?
Going to Church?
Going to Gym?
Indulgence in Recreational activities?
Obtaining a Visa, and getting a ticket for your international Trip?
Is it your car maintenance?
Doing your Business?

The list is not exhaustive as you can see.

By now, you must have seen that there is absolutely no activity that you indulge in, that does not have a direct or indirect link to The Big House (Environment). If this assertion is a truism, why then do we find so much hostility (open defecation, illegal dumping of refuse by household, market women/men, Business owners, littering, deforestation, …etc ) being dispensed to the Big House (Environment).

Don’t you think it is high time we began to have a change of our mind set, attitude and start to show a bit of kindness to the Big House (Environment). We are advocating that we all extend our hands of friend to it. If we do, we will be glad to reap the positives inherent in being ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY.

We are definitely not demanding you come out and start sweeping the streets, yet if you can it, so well and fine. We are not asking you come out and begin to plant flowers and trees within and around your neighbourhood, yet if you find yourself doing it, its all good.

All we are advocating for is: STOP LITTERING OUR STREETS. Sure you can! I can! And together we can!


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